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Heated exchange over meat terminology at BPI news conference

BPI is still working to educate consumers about lean finely textured beef today. It's an ongoing effort to combat weeks of critics using a certain term to refer to the meat. And an exchange over where the term originated got a little heated during yesterday's Q & A.

The panel sitting before reporters at the national news conference in South Sioux City, Nebraska yesterday was made up of Governors, Lieutenant Governors, and food safety experts. But when a reporter asked a question of USDA Undersecretary Dr. Elisabeth Hagen... Kansas Governor Sam Brownback got a little fired up. The question was over where the term "pink slime" originated. Take a look.

"I believe this was from an email from an employee who no longer works for us. It's certainly not, yes, it's certainly not any type of official terminology, and it's certainly not any kind of jargon that is used throughout the meat industry. It's referred to as lean finely textured beef. And I'll go ahead and... ," said Dr. Hagen.

"And when was that email?" asked Gov. Brownback.

"Oh, it was many years ago, Governor," said Dr. Hagen.

"Many years ago? I wondered, who lifted it up and really made it get buoyancy?" asked Gov. Brownback.

"I'm not certain about that, Sir," said Dr. Hagen.

"Was it anybody in the media that maybe did that?" asked Gov. Brownback.

Governor Brownback and Iowa Governor Terry Branstad followed that exchange by asking people and the national media to stop using what they say are "inaccurate, inappropriate, charged words" to describe the product. Rather they ask that all parties in this matter be treated with respect. If you want to hear more on this exchange and other questions that were asked at yesterday's news conference, click here.

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