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Area politicians show support for BPI & LFTB


Saturday's rally would seem to suggest that BPI has Siouxland's support.

But, the goal is to get the nation to take notice.

State leaders have a lot of work ahead of them but with people like Iowa's governor, Congressman Steve King, and even area mayors pledge to carry the company's message, that "beef is beef" across the country.

"I'm proud to be a consumer of this great lean product and I want to encourage others to do the same," said Gov. Terry Branstad, (R) Iowa.

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad and Iowa Congressman Steve King were among the many politicians that rallied around BPI Saturday.

"We look at food safety and take it very seriously. But the record of food safety of BPI, Beef Products Incorporated, is stellar. It's unblemished," said Representative Steve King, (R) Iowa.

"I'm proud to see the entire Siouxland come together to support BPI," said Branstad.

In a reference to the tomato scare of the 1800's, King ate a burger in front of a cheering crowd.  The point is to show LFTB is safe.

"I'm going to take a big bite of this hamburger, my second one of the day, and after that, BPI's products are again going to become very popular in America. Thank you," said King.

With BPI headquartered in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, their flagship plant in South Sioux City, Nebraska and another in Iowa, support is coming from all three Siouxland states.

"The city of Sioux City is committed to do what we need to do to make sure we're a partner in restoring this company to where it belongs," said Bob Scott, Sioux City mayor.

"But here we are when somebody's in trouble we pitch in just like we did in the flood. We're doing that here again by supporting one of our own here in Siouxland," said Bill McLarty, South Sioux City, NE mayor.

The politicians, who pledged to take up the cause, now promise continued support.

"I intend to send a letter to every governor in America telling them what we learned here on Thursday," said Branstad.

"We've got to take the message national and I'm going to continue to eat safe beef and it comes out of Beef Products Incorporated," said King.

"We're connected and so all of us through our various spheres of influence have the opportunity to get on the internet, to get on our cell phones, to contact our friends and Iowa friends all over the country and ask them to help us deliver the message," said Christie Vilsack, congressional candidate.

Delivering the message in three words...

"Dude its beef," said politicians.

Other leaders that attended today's rally were State Representative Chris Hall and Sioux City Councilwoman Rhonda Capron.


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