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Letter carriers rally against "phasing out" door-to-door service


United States Postal Service employees were protesting across the nation Thursday night. They were staked out in front of the offices of US Senators, pleading for a "no" vote on a US senate bill, saying it would "dismantle" the USPS.

One of those protests was in Sioux City. Many in the group were members of the National Association of Letter Carriers, a union sponsoring the protest.

The group assembled in front of the federal building because US Senator Chuck Grassley, of Iowa, Sioux City office is located inside. Grassley wasn't present however, he was continuing his annual 99 county tour.  

But even so, Grassley's absence didn't stopped the postal workers and their supporters. They say the bill they're fighting would slash "80,000 jobs," cut Saturday delivery and "phase out" door-to-door service for millions.

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