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It's finals time for "The Voice"


It's finals time for "The Voice".

NBC's singing competition series will decide its winner over the next two nights, with the final four performers taking the stage tonight.

Simply making it this far on "The Voice" is an accomplishment.

"I was just hoping, honestly, to make it to the live shows," says finalist Chris Mann.

The ramp up to tonight has been intense.

"You feel like you're going through the barrel of a gun," says Tony Lucca.

There have been public appearances, encounters with fans, lots of interviews, and of course, hours and hours of rehearsals.

"It's not just us getting on stage and singing. We're constantly going through physical,

mental and emotional and spiritual building," says Jermaine Paul.

It's a process that can be a bit overwhelming.

"It's hard to escape. You kinda just marinate and sit in it, and it's just becoming so much a part of me," admits Juliet Simms.

Simms is the only woman among the four finalists.

"If this is the Hunger Games, that's makes me Catniss, so I'm okay with that," she laughs.

Coming out on top in the finals could come down to song choice for power balladeer Jermaine Paul.

Chris Mann's song choice was easy.

He says it's one from his classical roots.

"This is the first time in the show I've known exactly what I wanted to do, so I actually feel no pressure," he says.

Tony Lucca says the real pressure came last week.

"This is icing on the cake, and anything beyond this is almost unimaginable at this point," Lucca says.

For one of the four, the unimaginable will become a reality.

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