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Ragbrai "Burma Shave" Contest

Many of us remember driving down the highway and seeing humorous signs along the way advertising Burma Shave...such as "Hardly a driver...is now alive...who passed...on hills...at 75".  We want to bring the back for our RAGBRAI riders.  And we are asking you to come up with humorous or attention getting sayings that we can use along the bike routes to welcome riders, mentions sights to see or use our town theme or logo or say farewell to the bikers as they are leaving town.  Us your imagination and wit!

  • The message on the signs should be brief
  • Each sign will be 32x9.5" and in sets of 5-6 signs
  • Each saying must fit on one set of signs
  • Deadling to enter is the 1st of June at hign noon!
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