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Best friend and classmate reacts to crowbar attack in Sioux City


James Kroll, allegedly broke into a north-side home Wednesday morning, and killed 54-year old Jeffery Moravek.

Moravek's girlfriend, 54-year old Mary Tope was also critically injured in that crowbar attack.   Friends describe Mary Tope as a beautiful person inside and out.

Her best friend, LeAnn Miller-Kinney has known Mary since she was five.  She says she is the type of friend that's always there for you; the first one to help in a time of need.  Funny, opinionated, but above all else, caring.  She's a social worker who friends say has made an impact in countless lives.

Tope reconnected with high school friend Jeffery Moravek, another classmate of Miller-Kinney.  All three graduated from Bishop Heelan Catholic School.  Kinney said Tope and Moravek had been dating for a year and a half, and she'd never seen her friend happier.

"Mary is a wonderful person, if anybody deserves prayers right now it's Mary.  Jeff was the most peaceful man, the most kind person. I've never heard him even raise his voice much less have a fight with anyone.  Jeff didn't deserve this," said Miller-Kinney.  

Tope's family doesn't want her condition being released.  Miller-Kinney said Friday, her friend was, "doing better today than she was yesterday."

Even though she now calls San Diego home, she's been next to Tope's bedside every morning and every night since the attack.  She says her friend would do the same for her.

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