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Siouxland Proud: Revitalizing Sioux City's Pearl Street


Pearl Street has had a rich history in Sioux City. Some of it isn't so good. But, a local developer, and several existing and new businesses, are working to make the pearl street district the new entertainment and retail destination in downtown.

Rick Bertrand, McCarthy & Bailey's co-owner says, "Pearl Street was the original entertainment zone for obvious reasons, and I think we're giving it another breath of fresh air." That's developer Rick Bertrand talking about the trio of businesses he's opened in Sioux City's Pearl Street district.

He told KTIV's Kristen Johnson he considers the Irish pub, McCarthy & Bailey's, the anchor for the revitalization project he undertook two years ago. Bertrand says, "With the outside of it, the whole goal of it was to feel like you're in downtown Chicago." A dream on paper that took ten years to get off the ground. In that time, Bertrand says, "When we went around the country, my brother and I, tried to pick out unique things from each Irish pub."

Bertrand also brought in 22 tons of slate from Ireland. The bar came from the old country, too. It's more than a century old. You'll also find St. Patrick keeping an eye on patrons. "This actually came out of a church in Danbury, Iowa, the old St. Patrick's church. And, I talked to the bishop, I talked to the local priest and I'm not doing nothing wrong. It's a great piece, to have St. Pat life size sitting in the corner."

Around the corner? Stuart Lee, Innovative Business Consultants said, "I believe there was a creamery here back, way, 40-50 years ago." Stuart Lee renovated a building as the new home of Innovative Business Consultants. Lee said, "Gone from 2 employees to, I think we have 11 or 12 now. So, we were on top of each other and needed the space."

Lee moved IBC from Historic Fourth Street, to a space on Water Street. Lee said, "I've always loved this area. And when Rick started redeveloping the Pearl Street, it just made sense."

IBC blends modern business design with the turn-of-the-century touches, like exposed brick, and beams. Lee said, "We wanted to keep the old look. It is an old building in Sioux City. So, I didn't want to tear it down. I just wanted to keep some of the historic value to it."

Two businesses making history by preserving it.

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