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Ceremony honors Wisner Medal of Honor recipient


For the family of veterans who've served overseas, it's hard to forget the sacrifices. It's never easy to lose a family member, especially a brother.

"When you have a young 22, 23 year old that dies like that, that's out of order," said Duane Schroeder, an organizer of the American Legion riders. "Shouldn't happen."

The surviving family of Pvt. Dale Hansen came together to celebrate the courage of this fallen Marine.

"For this late in time, you know, everybody comes together and the families, it's really wonderful," said Larry.

Larry Hansen, and his brother Forrest were both small children, when their big brother, Dale, entered World War II.

"Typical boys. There were four of us you know how they are, riding the ponies and horses and stuff like that," said Forrest.

While battling for a Japanese hill, Dale lost his weapon, but continued to push ahead for his country.

"That was him, he would do anything for anybody," said Larry.

He continued on, taking out a mortar position and 12 enemy soldiers along the way.  Ultimately, he was killed by sniper fire in Okinawa in 1945.  That act of bravery earned him the Medal of Honor. Forrest remembers being at home, when the family received the last telegram.

"Figured something was wrong because we hadn't heard nothing for 30 days and we knew that they had troubles over in the war and stuff," said Forrest.

American Legion Riders spearheaded a tribute to Hansen at the Wisner cemetery. 

"Really, that's what the American Legion riders are all about," said Schroeder. "To support the family. Things like this are meaningful to the survivors."

Hansen's family received an American flag, and put flowers and a poem in front of Dale's grave.

"Wonderful, wonderful, this is really an honor, I think," said Larry.  

They only wish they could have their brother here to share in the moment with them.

"He'd be ear to ear, smiles," said Larry. "He'd be thankful, really proud, I hope, like we are."

Dale Hansen was 22 years old when he died. More than 70 riders from 5 districts came out to remember him.

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