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South Dakota's Governor talks economy and drought in Dakota Dunes


South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard took questions Thursday at his annual Governor's Golf Classic at the Dakota Dunes Country Club.

The event is an opportunity for the Governor to meet one-on-one with people interested in moving their business to South Dakota.

Daugaard discussed three topics, the economy, the drought, and the flood of 2011.

Daugaard was most excited to speak about was the state of South Dakota's Economy, and its success bringing business in to the state.

"One of the meetings yesterday, we were thinking this company was considering South Dakota. Well it was very clear by the end of the meeting, they have made their decision, they will be here," Governor Daugaard said.

One area where the state is struggling, along with most of the Midwest, is in on the farm. The drought is particularly hurting farmers, who make up a large portion of South Dakota's population. Daugaard says the government is taking steps to help them cope with the drought.

"As an example, we heard at the first meeting of the drought task force that the Farm Services Administration, FSA, just made the determination that they would open up a conservation reserve program," Daugaard said.

On the national level, Daugaard says the government is doing what it can to help farmers.

"I believe the threshold is 30 percent of their crop, of their normal crop yield, versus what the 100 percent average would normally be, that county, if that's true across the county, that county may apply to the Secretary of Agriculture, at the US level, to be declared a disaster," Daugaard said.

While he realizes the current crop conundrum, Daugaard is proud of the way the community handled the weather crisis of just a year ago, the flood.

"Dakota Dunes is a superstar when it comes to self-reliance and courage and determination. I think about all the people that banded together," Daugaard said.

Overall, Daugaard is happy with progress in the state, and is excited to share a day with more prospective business partners for South Dakota's growing economy.

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