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COPY-Gay rights supporters upset with Gospel Mission

For the second straight day, a group of protesters stood outside the Gospel Mission on Sioux City's west side.

They made their way down Wesley Parkway to the mission's main entrance on Bluff Street.

Their cause? Gay rights.

The protesters contend the mission has denied access to guests based on their sexual orientation.  They want the many organizations that give to the mission to be aware of its stance.

Protesters say the mission is supposed to shelter, clothe, feed and minister to the homeless, but they're not seeing it for everyone.

"If you act like you're gay and you're doing any gay behaviors, they throw you out, even if you ain't doing any and they say you're gay, they still throw you out," said Vicky Whitmore, a protester.

The Gospel Mission says every guest who stays in the facility must sign an agreement to follow the guidelines set forth by the mission. KTIV obtained a copy of that agreement

It says the Mission believes, "...the term marriage has only one meaning... between one man and one woman."

It goes on to say that "any form of sexual immorality such as... adultery... homosexuality, or any attempt to change one's gender... is sinful and offensive to God."

"From the name on down to the rules that we put up to principles we uphold, I think everything speaks to the fact that we are a faith-based organization," said Rev. Harold Youtzy, pastor and executive director of the Gospel Mission.

Youtzy says they don't deny access,  but they do ask those who display unacceptable behavior to leave.

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