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Parents and students are finding ways to save money by shopping at consignment stores


Summer is winding down and back to school shopping has started.

Parents and students are always looking for ways to stretch their hard earned money.

"Do you want the white and pink ones?" Ashley Verdoorn, a Sioux City mom said.

Ashley Verdoorn is shopping with her daughter. Alexa is starting preschool in the fall and needs some new clothes.

"Some long sleeve shirts and stuff like that for her when she goes back to school," Verdoorn said.

One of their store stops is ENVY My Closet. A consignment store that's been open for two years, offering gently used brand-name clothing at a discount.

"Their clothes are nice enough that I can buy them at an affordable price. I'm not worried about the full price of brand new clothes and them getting them dirty," Verdoorn said.

Across town, at Plato's Closet, the Samek sisters are out shopping too.

"We've been looking around at dresses and clothes," Kristen Samek, a junior at North High School said.

They both only have $100 to spend on back to school and say consignment shopping is good fit for them all around.

"It's cheaper. Especially if you are going to wear them once and then you can resell them back here," Kayla Samek, a senior at North High School said.

And for college student, Sara Kelley, she says consignment is her favorite way to shop for steals and deals.

"You can get two pairs of jeans for the price of one here, which is nice," Sara Kelley, a college sophomore said.

Store owners say business has been booming because of their practical prices.

"We price things at 70 percent below retail cost. So customers are getting quite a bargain coming here," Amy Rieffenberger, a co-owner of Plato's Closet said.

"So not only are they getting the bargain of the lower prices of the stuff that we've weeded through, we've picked through. We've made sure there's no stains and holes and we try to find every flaw for you. So it's not like shopping at a garage sale. We've already done the picking. You just need to find if it's the right size and style for you," Britni Hilts, the owner of ENVY My Closet said.

While Alexa's happy with the white shoes, her Mom is even happier with how far her dollars will go.

"It's nice to come here and know that I can leave with a low budget and not spend a lot of money," Verdoorn said.

Both Plato's Closet and ENVY My Closet will be taking part in the Iowa Sales Tax Holiday this weekend.

When you shop this Friday and Saturday, no sales tax will be collected on clothing or footwear items that are less than $100.

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