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COPY-Traditional sandwich shop gains national attention

In the September 2012 issue of Food Network Magazine, the publication did a story called 50 States, Fifty Sandwiches, listing the best sandwiches in the nation by their home state. The number one sandwich in Iowa? It's located right here in Sioux City.

It looks like a Sloppy Joe, but they call it a Tavern. The recipe? That's a secret. And it's a secret worth keeping. The Garden Cafe's Tavern sandwich was named the best in all of Iowa.

"It's a once in a lifetime deal I think. I've been in the restaurant business since '82 and I've never had that happen before," Tim Konidas, Owner of The Garden Cafe said.

The Garden Cafe inherited the Tavern recipe when the restaurant moved to this location four months ago. Though the building has a new name and a new owner, the staff is serving customers who have come to this location for a Tavern since they attended the old Central High School, which was located just down the block.

"They had like a window where they just walked up and ordered. They say they came from school for their lunch break, and ordered a sandwich for their school lunch," Diane Bravel, a Garden Cafe employee said.

"Well, whether you're a regular or a newcomer, this Tavern should definitely be your ordering priority. For this gourmet, tasty, $2 Tavern, bad press isn't possible," Kayah said.

"The meat is good. Of course I have to add a little mustard, but it's really good, and I've had them for years," Orville DeJong, a Garden Cafe regular said.

So when you have yourself a free lunch hour or even just an insatiable craving for a Tavern, head to 1322 Jackson and you won't be disappointed.


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