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Cow-chip tossing contest at Iowa State Fair


There was something in the air at the Iowa State Fair Wednesday, it wasn't just the smell of corndogs or deep fried butter. Competitors took turns pelting poo in the Cow Chip Tossing contest.

First up, Robbie Peterson looked the part, to chuck a chip.

"You know it just seems right to throw a cow chip when you're in Iowa you know. It's just something you should get out in the pasture and do it every now and again."

But most who hurled the hiney pie are out of practice.

"I told him to lick his fingers, he'd get better traction on that cow pie."

Past champ Eric Hanson's secret, picking the perfect pattie.

"Too big, and it's too bulky, too small and it doesn't have the right mass. You try to find one with the right grip and that just feels good in your hand. And that's weird to say about a cow chip."

Many have more endearing terms for this petrified poo...

"pasture pies."

"prairie muffins."

No matter what you call it, watch out for it.

This spectator sport can be hazardous to your health.

Register reporter Kyle Munson's flying dung flew down on me.

"Thanks Kyle!"

The smaller, lighter pies this year didn't fly as far. Eric took fourth at 62 feet.

"Pretty in pink, fourth place Eric Hanson."

"Pink, it goes doesn't it?"

The reigning champ, state fair photographer steve pope's poo hit 92 feet, proving once again he is number one in throwing number two.

"first place, steve pope."

"Thank you very much, all right, thank you, thank you. My boss will probably hire me back next year because she said don't come back without the fudge."


Pope has been the top cow chip tosser for four years in a row.

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