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Questions follow string of fires in Marcus, IA


Mark Babcock of Marcus, IA claimed, "There was smoke coming out and I got my sister up and I didn't know what the cherries were for, I thought maybe we had a fire."

There was a fire. It was across the street in a vacant house. One of four recent fires, all occurring in empty houses.

Jack Clarkson, a lifelong resident of Marcus said, "Marcus is a really nice town and this experience that we had happen to us last week, we've never had before. We're very fortunate it that whoever did this picked on homes that had nobody living Four fires from August 21st through the 24th. Fire did significant damage to one home, and did minor damage to two others.

Francis Hinspeter added, "You go to bed at night and you think, ok, when is the next fire going to happen?"

The Marcus Fire and Police Departments had no comment, but the fires and the slashing of vehicles tires have been the talk of the small Iowa town.

Clarkson, "To a degree there is concern but I know Dave the sheriff and I know his people are working on this real hard trying to figure it out and they will, they'll get to the bottom of it sooner or later."

It's unknown if there's any connection in the cases. But, the crimes have changed how residents approach everyday life.

Hinspeter, "I normally leave the keys in my vehicle at night and now I make sure they're pulled out and if I got valuables or things I don't want stolen I take them out."

Leaving the people of this small northwest Iowa community with one question.

Mark Babcock, Marcus, IA, "Why are they going's just a big question mark. Why?"

If you have any information on the fires please contact the Cherokee County Sheriff at (712) 225- 6728.

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