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CI: Helping you to become a more informed voter

As part of our commitment to improving the political process, KTIV and all other Quincy broadcast group stations are providing qualified candidates for major office free access to television and/or Internet time, in advance of the November 2012 General Election.

All candidates for state and legislative races in the KTIV area have been offered the opportunity to produce and submit a video of up to one minute in length. Those who did so by the September 17th, 2012 deadline are published. Candidates who did not submit videos will be listed on our Web site as choosing not to participate in the project.

The messages from candidates for statewide and Congressional office will air twice in KTIV newscasts.  The other videos for legislative races are being made available on 

The candidates have been instructed to use the time to talk about themselves and their campaigns while avoiding negative comments about opposing candidates. The videos and the transcripts we publish are not edited by us. We have taken the additional step of removing advertising from this section of, in order to present the information as cleanly as possible.

We believe these messages will help voters make the most informed decision come election day.

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