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UPDATE: Officials investigate possible connection between attempted abductions


Kids and adults in four Iowa towns have been reporting encounters with a very similar suspicious man. Some claim he was trying to abduct them.

The most recent of these similar cases was in Sheldon, Tuesday night around 9:30. Two teen girls told police they were walking downtown when an older man, watching from a minivan, yelled at them.

"It's a serious concern and we want to locate this individual and see what's going on with him," said Spencer Police Chief Mark Lawson.

Lawson says authorities are investigating whether the Sheldon incident is connected to similar ones in his town, Little Rock, and Lake Park. He says they've got multiple Sheriff's Departments, D.C.I. and highway patrol looking for answers.

"It could be somebody who just likes to talk to young people. It's hard to say. But, the nature of it, and the suspiciousness of it, it raises the concern that we need to track him down and see what his motive is," said Lawson.

The man in these cases is described as white, age 60-70, with a beard or mustache, and shaggy or longer hair. Most recently he's been seen driving a white or silver minivan with a dent on the rear passenger side.

Schools are taking precautions.

"Our administrators and staff have been talking with students about "stranger danger," said Spencer Community Schools Superintendent Terry Hemann.

After having two students see the suspect at Spencer's Lincoln Elementary, Tuesday, Hemann says notes were sent home asking for parent's help.

"We just ask that all of our parents talk with their children about the importance of staying away from strangers. And that if they do see, or witness something suspicious that they do tell an adult," said Hemann.

Here are a couple stranger safety tips from the Sioux County Sheriff's Department.

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