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Neb. State Patrol needs your help to solve "cold case"


The Nebraska State Patrol is trying to crack a Siouxland homicide case that's 13-years-old. They say they need your help to put those responsible for this "cold case" behind bars.

August 21st 1999. Inside this West Point, Nebraska home, family found 54-year-old Jeanne Kassebaum dead, face down in the Jacuzzi. Initially, investigators believed it was an accident.

"What are we dealing with? Slip and fall, heart attack, who knows?" said Cuming County Attorney Tom Donner back in '99.

An autopsy suggested foul play. Authorities began searching for a suspect. They talked with Jeanne's estranged husband, Gary, who'd moved out before his wife's death. No leads. The investigation went cold.

"August 21st would have been the 13th anniversary of Mrs. Kassebaum's death," said Nebraska State Patrol Investigator Melanie Lueders.

Prompted by that deadly date, investigators like Lueders say now is a good time to remind people this homicide is still unsolved. They're asking for anyone's help in finding out "who done it?"

"We believe that there are people out there that could provide information that would lead to an arrest," said Lueders.

There is incentive for that info. Lueders says Jeanne's family and Crime Stoppers are offering $31,000 collectively, for information leading to an arrest and conviction. She says even if you have info. that seems insignificant, give a call.

"We're asking for anything. A lot of times information they have may be something that they figure may be something someone else has provided, or something they believe is so small it couldn't help," said Lueders.

If you have information call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-422-1492. Or visit their website.

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