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More time given to two men named in BPI lawsuit


Two men named in a lawsuit, filed by Beef Products, Incorporated, have been given more time to respond to the billion-dollar defamation suit.

BPI filed the lawsuit over a derogatory, two-word term, used to describe the company's Lean, Finely Textured Beef product.

Carl Custer and Gerald Zirnstein now have until November 19th to respond.

Custer, a former federal food scientist, and Zirnstein, the U.S.D.A microbiologist who coined the two-word term to describe, L.F.T.B.

There are several people named in the suit, including ABC News, Jim Avila and Diane Sawyer.

BPI is suing for one-point-two billion dollars in damages for roughly 200 statements about the product that aired on ABC News.

BPI attorney Dan Webb says the reports led consumers to believe the beef is not meat and unfit for human consumption.

No court dates have been set for the parties to go to court.

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