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Three break-ins in Sioux City neighborhood raise crime concerns


A rash of break-ins in a neighborhood near Briar Cliff University has people on edge.  Now the victims who are piecing together what happened.

Kody Hancock knew something was wrong before he even walked up to his front door, Sunday morning.

"Drove up to the house and realized the car was moved. Keys were in the ignition," recalled Hancock.

Inside his home on Willis Avenue three tv's, video games, paintball guns, and other electronics were missing. 

"Everything was completely gone," said Hancock.

"Cops found a pry-bar 20 feet over there, with Mt. Dew bottles, and a bag of chips, as if they were just waiting for the people to come pick up the stuff, while they watched the neighborhood," Hancock said.

It's what was taken from Melissa Fischer's home that has everyone on edge.

"Six guns total, two that actually take ammunition," said Fischer.

Hancock thinks he met one of the burglars earlier in the day.  A salesman who wouldn't take no for an answer.

"He really, really wanted to get into the house," said Hancock.

Just blocks away the Fischers came home to find their back door bashed in.  The weather's offered clues connecting the crimes.

"It was storming that night, so they have some footprints on the ground," said Fischer.

Tire tracks through Hancock's backyard lead to an alley where victims found some of the items that were stolen from their home.

Items taken from Fischer's garage and a third victim who lives on Idlewood Street, sat feet away from Hankcock house.

"The three years that I've lived here I've never had any problems," said Hancock of the neighborhood next to Briar Cliff University.

Now these victims say their safe neighborhood has been shaken up.

"We're still insecure.  We haven't gotten much sleep.  We're still worried, especially I don't know, were they watching out house or are they coming back, it's unsettling," added Fischer.

Sioux City police say they've made no arrests , and because of the holiday weekend, the investigation won't begin in earnest until Tuesday.

They do have this piece of advice: if a salesperson shows up at your door keep the conversation on the porch.  Don't let them inside, because that gives them the opportunity to see what you have that they might want to come back and steal.

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