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Thanksgiving Trivia - Day 2


Tuesday's Thanksgiving Trivia Question

Most of us eat pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving besides turkey, so an old wives tale says that pumpkins are a cure for:

(A) Freckles

(B) Hiccups

(C) Infertility

(D) Insomnia


Answer: A


Tuesday's Thanksgiving Facts

-In 1621, pumpkin pie was not a part of the pilgrim's Thanksgiving feast, since there were no ovens to bake them.

-It took 66 days to travel from England to the New World.

-There were 102 Pilgrims on the Mayflower.

-Of the original 102 pilgrims that came, approximately only 50 survived to celebrate the first Thanksgiving.

-It is believed that only five pilgrim women survived to celebrate the first Thanksgiving meal in 1621.



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