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Lottery Officials: Iowans didn't go overboard


There was a lot of cash on the line Wednesday night for the Powerball drawing. While no one from Iowa won the big jackpot, all $580 million dollars of it, the number of tickets sold was astounding.

According to officials with the Iowa Lottery, Powerball tickets were selling at more than $11,000 per minute in Iowa alone. That happened during the busiest stretch form 6 to 7pm on Wednesday.

However, the average Powerball purchase in Iowa remained $6, which would be three plays per ticket. In a statement from the Iowa Lottery, officials said, "they're pleased that Iowans enjoyed playing at a fun level and didn't go overboard."

If you were one of the money who bought a ticket, your odds of winning the jackpot were about 1 in 175.2 million. That's because they say there are about 175.2 million ways you can combine the numbers.

Lottery officials track the combinations and say about 80 percent of all the possible combinations were purchased in Wednesday's drawing.

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