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Grassley says farm bill extension is "second best option"


Tacked onto the "fiscal cliff" bill that Congress passed was a one-year extension to the federal farm bill.

U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley, of Iowa, says it's not best solution. Sen. Charles Grassley, (R) Iowa says, "It's second best because doing nothing would be the worst thing. Passing a five-year farm bill for farmers would be the best thing."

Grassley says the farm bill extension does two things: It lets farmers know what the program will mean for the next crop year. And, it also allots as much money for the 2013 crop year as the federal, government had to spend in the 2012 crop year.

Grassley still thinks a 5-year farm bill can pass Congress. Soon, the Senate will probably pass a bill similar to the one they worked on in the fall. And, the House Ag Committee chair told Grassley his committee will start working on a new farm bill on February 26th.

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