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Eric Griffith - Sioux City, Iowa

Eric Griffith of Sioux City says he's ready to Get Fit. Eric Griffith of Sioux City says he's ready to Get Fit.
Eric Griffith of Sioux City says he's ready to Get Fit. Eric Griffith of Sioux City says he's ready to Get Fit.
My Name is Eric Griffith, I am 24 years old and I live in Sioux City, Iowa.  I graduated
from East High School in 2007 and I was in the best shape of my life. I spent the next 5 years at college at the University of South Dakota where I never really exercised.  I received my bachelor's degree in Recreation Management and an emphasis in General Recreation & Exercise Science with a minor in Coaching. I also spent one year working on my Masters in Sports Management at the University of South Dakota before taking a job back in Sioux City.

I have worked for the Sioux City Parks and Recreation Department for the past nine
summers as a lifeguard, pool manager, intern, parks & rec specialist, and now in my full time
position as Recreation Supervisor.  When I was in high school I was always a bigger guy, but
always in shape by playing football and being on the swim team. When I went to college I
stopped playing sports and lost my motivation to work out.  My first year of graduate school I joined the USD's biggest loser program where I received second place after losing over 43 pounds in ten weeks. After the program was over I stopped working out, lost my motivation to go back to the gym and ended up gaining back the weight I lost and more.

I am ready for a change! I was hired on as the Interim Recreation Supervisor in August and was offered the full time position at the beginning of November.  I am a hard worker and if I set my mind to it I can achieve anything.  My dream job at the age of 15 was to become the Recreation Supervisor for the City of Sioux City after I graduated from college and ever
since then I worked and worked till I was offered that position.

By being picked for this "Get Fit" Challenge not only will it change my life and become
healthier and fit, but it will also help me with my career in Parks & Recreation.  I love to work
out I just need someone to push me and get me there.  Once I get to the gym, I love to work out and see everyone working hard to achieve their dreams, but I lie to myself and say "well I will just go tomorrow or it's been a long day I am too tired to go." I want to lose the weight and keep in off for the rest of my life and I want to show viewers in the Siouxland area that anyone can do it and hopefully inspire someone!
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