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"Friendship House" director lobbies lawmakers in Des Moines


"Friendship House" director Kathy Roberts was in Des Moines, today, to attend the Healthiest State Initiative event.

There, she met with Sioux City representatives Chris Hall, Ron Jorgensen, and David Dawson to get more information on the mental health redesign. "They do understand. They are on our side, they want to help us, they want us to keep our program going, and maybe look at what kind of modifications we need to look to fall under those core services. So there's a few different options to start looking at, of course keep in contact with them, and keep learning more and keep fighting for it," said Kathy Roberts, Friendship House Director.

Nothing specific was mentioned, but more research needs to be done to find out why the "Friendship House" doesn't fall under the core services that will keep the house open.

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