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Sneak Peek: Super Bowl Ads


From the classics to the crazy, commercials have become as much a part of Super Sunday as the actual game.

It's big business, big bucks and a big gamble for first time advertisers.

Advertisers will pay $4-million for a 30-second spot.

PepsiCo, a longtime player in the Super Bowl ad game, is going all-in this year.

"We're activating four brands, and three of them actually on to the field on game day, with Quaker, Gatorade, and the Super Bowl Halftime Show with Pepsi," says Pepsi Global Sports Marketing's Jennifer Storms.

Advertisers will try just about anything to create a Super Bowl buzz.

"You've got to stand out in some fashion, and if not you sort of get ignored," says the Kellogg School of Management's Dr. Tim Calkins.

Mark Freidburger hopes he'll get noticed in New Orleans.

The aspiring director created one of five finalists in the Doritos Super Bowl ad competition.

The winner will be revealed when their commercial is aired during the game.

If he makes the cut, Freidburger says it will be pretty neat to see his homemade commercial in the mix with others that cost millions to make.

"This really is a very home-grown ad, it only cost us $300 to make, which included renting the dresses and buying the Doritos," he says.

An investment he hopes will payoff with a win on Super Sunday.

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