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UPDATE: January water main breaks burst city's budget


Sioux City officials are hoping the mild weather gives crews a break, this week.

As we first told you last month, they've been working around the clock on broken water mains.

Officials say the spike is caused by the drought, aging infrastructure, and cold temperatures.

The city spent $58,000 on breaks in December of 2011.  The cost more than doubled in 2012 to $128,000.

Pipe problems like this one in Morningside contributed to a record 33-breaks in January.

The city's used up 90% of it's materials budget to fix the broken pipes.

Mayor Bob Scott says the city needs to change its priorities, and put water line replacement ahead of road work.

"The dollars that you spend today doing two blocks of Pierce Street, if you took and just did water lines with that same amount of money for paving and sewer," said Scott.

Public Works Director Jade Dundas says the city evaluates the water and sewer lines whenever road work takes place.

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