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COPY-Wintry mix ending, but driving conditions may be slick, SC Police warn

Rain, or snow?

That was the big question this weekend.

While Saturday night was dry, Sunday morning started off mild, but rain turned into large snowflakes, flurries that had trouble sticking.

The wet roads turned slick Sunday night turned parts of Sioux City into an ice rink.

Sioux City Police warned drivers to stay home. If you can't be extra careful.

"People don't give themselves enough time to stop. Know you are coming up to an intersection and give yourself an opportunity to slow the vehicle down naturally rather than slamming on your breaks when you pull up to an intersection you can avoid a lot of the accidents in this type of weather," Sergeant Dane Wagner, Sioux City Police Department said.

Wagner warns that the ice is especially hard to see in the dark. While the weather is a pain for anyone who has to be out in it, some in Sioux City said it's about time.

"I go sledding in the snow, and play in it, and build snowmen," Felisa Skatges, Dakota City, NE said.

"I think we need it, the ground is pretty dry, farmers need it," Aaron Skatges, Dakota City, NE said.

The last time Sioux City saw significant snowfall was Christmastime when five inches fell.

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