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Passengers of the Carnival Triumph are back on dry land


As the Carnival Triumph made its way into the Port of Mobile, passengers cheered and waved.

Others hung signs like this one that reads "Sweet Home Alabama."

This comes after days of unsanitary conditions and power outages.

Before passengers disembarked, the CEO of Carnival offered an apology.

"I know it was very difficult, and I wanna apologize again for subjecting our guests to that. We pride ourselves in providing our guests with a great vacation experience and clearly we failed," Gerry Cahill, the CEO, Carnival Cruise Lines said.

As more than three thousand passengers made their way off the ship, some vented their frustrations.

"There are a lot of unhappy people because of the conditions and how it went downhill from the first day and we floated for over somewhere around 100 miles," a passenger said.

Others say they are just grateful to get off of the cruise ship.

"After being on that boat for that long and not knowing when or how we were getting back and it was so good to be finally back," a passenger said.

Others say the experience brought out the good in people.

"I think I saw a lot more of the good behavior and a lot less of the bad behavior. So, tempers would flare occasionally at things but nothing too dramatic," a passenger said.

Despite the unpleasant experience, one man says he'd go on another cruise.

"I would. I mean, it will take a while and not like next week or anything," a passenger said.

On shore Carnival had about 100 motor coaches ready to take passengers to hotels they booked for them in New Orleans.

They have also arranged multiple charter flights from New Orleans to Houston and from Houston to the Port of Galveston.


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