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185th Air Refueling Wing still waiting to find out about sequestration cuts

Members of the 185th at attention. Members of the 185th at attention.

Congress' failed attempt to come up with a compromise to stop sequestration from happening means $83 billion dollars will have to be cut from federal programs.

The military will see about half of those spending cuts.

The 185th Air Refueling Wing as of Sunday, has yet to receive instruction on what cuts they will have to make.

"It's a frustrating topic for everybody," Colonel Brian Miller said.

Miller is anxious as many of the workers and servicemembers at the 185th wait to find out more about sequestration cuts.

"We at the 185th anticipate furloughs for some people in a limited nature," Miller said.

Miller says a certain segment of his full-time workforce will be furloughed for 22 days.

"Anytime you reduce resources you know something has got to come off the table, so when we figure out when we find out how the resources will shrink that's when we'll determine, how it's going to impact us," Miller said.

And with furloughs come financial concerns.

"Young families they're always struggling, when we were young and married, you don't have a lot of extra money laying around," Miller said.

Danette Kenagy welcomed her husband and sons back from deployment at a ceremony this weekend. She admits the cuts are a concern.

"We're always of course worried about what's going to happen, and we need to be sure we're supporting our military and our people who serve," Danette Kenagy, Sioux City said.

Amid the worry, Congressmen Steve King downplays how sequestration will roll out. He says these cuts stem from planned increases in military spending.

"Iowa is 6th from the bottom, so it's one of the states least affected by sequestration," U.S. Congressman Steve King said.

That may not be much to calm Miller's frustrations. For now he and other members of the 185th will have to play the waiting game.

"But rest assured we will be able to continue our mission regardless of what happens," Miller said.

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