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What happens once the new pope is elected?


"Once the new pope is elected there is a ritual in place. The cardinal presiding over the ceremony of the election in the chapel, Cardinal Rey, will come to the person who is elected, it's very simple. "Do you accept this canonical election as supreme pontiff? Yes. By what name do you wish to be called? I will be called by this particular name?" Following that there's a special prayer that is said by a representative, the head of the college of cardinal bishops, cardinal priests and cardinal deacons. The first thing the pope does after he accepts the name, he goes in the Room of Tears and he is vested in the new vestments, the new garments that are there, in the white cassock. He removes his cardinal garments. Following the prayer that's said by the cardinal priest, cardinal deacon and cardinal bishop, the next thing is the reading of the Gospel of Ceasarea Philippi, "Who do you say that I am?", it's the Petrine Confession. A new thing that has been added this year is when the cardinals and the holy father leave the Sistine Chapel, their first stop is in the Pauline chapel, where the holy father will enter alone, and pray before the blessed sacrament. He then rejoins the group and they go to the loggia of St. Peter's Basilica. Obviously that section is not televised publicly because he has not been announced or presented to the world yet," Father Tom Rosica, Vatican Spokesman said.

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