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Thursday Morning Headlines


Sioux Center tables Highway 75 widening

Sioux Center, Iowa's city council has put the breaks on a controversial highway renovation.  The council is tabling the plan, for now, to widen Highway 75, saying controversy over the project has grown "unhealthy."  They say they'd rather end it, than have the road work.  The plan would have widened a one-mile section in town from three to five lanes.  Those for it say, widening was necessary to cut down on congestion.  Those against it say it would be dangerous for those who live and walk in the area.

Northwest Iowa dam replaced with rocks

The century-old Klondike Dam near Inwood, Iowa is down.  Workers removed the dam due to breeches that lowered water levels on the Big Sioux River upstream and left wells short of water.  The dam has been replaced by 400 metric tons of rock. FEMA paid for three-fourths of the half-million dollar project.  Now, the attention turns towards landscaping and a plan to build cabins on the river's bank.

Tolerance Week events announced

A program at the Sioux City Public Museum next week will encourage tolerance.  World War II equipment and photos by Vernon Tott, the late Siouxland veteran who photographed a concentration camp in Germany, will be on display.  It's part of Tolerance Week.  There will also be events at the Orpheum Theatre, the Art Center, and at local schools.

Feline found stuck in truck after road trip to Norfolk, NE

A big adventure for a little cat.  The feline survived a 45-mile ride from Elgin to Norfolk, Nebraska in the wheel well of Mike Kerkman's truck.  Kerkman didn't know the cat had hitched a ride until he arrived at GM Auto Center for an oil change.  Technicians removed the front bumper to free the kitty.  They named her "Sierra" after the kind of truck she was found in.

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