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Suspect's father admits she "messed up" in death of 15-month-old son

ONAWA, Iowa (KTIV) -

The 26-year-old Onawa, Iowa mother is on trial for first degree murder, accused of drowning her 15 month old son Markis Dahms in a bathtub in February of 2012.

Three witnesses took the stand this morning to testify in Cameron's defense, including her dad, Kent Cameron.

He said his daughter was socially awkward and was less mature than her classmates so he held her back her freshman year.

He admitted on the stand that in a taped interview with investigators he told them she quote "messed up."

Kent Cameron's long-term girlfriend, Tina Rose also testified.

She said that while growing up, Ashley often lied and was easily overwhelmed.

Rose told police, Ashley admitted to her that she held Markis' head under the faucet and then changed her story.

Rose said she also remembered holding Markis and he would arch his back in an way she didn't think was normal.

Another juvenile witness, who baby sat Ashley's two children, also testified that when she babysat Markis, he would do arch his back and freeze up and she said she thought something was wrong with him.

The trial recessed for the day just before noon and it will being Friday morning at 11 a.m.

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