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Ashley Cameron in her own words

ONAWA, Iowa (KTIV) -

An emotional final day of testimony in the Ashley Cameron murder trial.

The 25-year old woman, accused of drowning her 15-month old son, took the stand, and she also reached out to News Four's Kristen Johnson.

Ashley requested an on camera interview, which was denied by the Monona County Sheriff for legal reasons.

Later, with the sheriff's approval, she called KTIV, and said she just wanted people to know what really happened the night her son died. 

We started with the most basic and frank of questions, did she kill her son?

"I love both my kids.  I wouldn't ever hurt a child," Cameron said.

She says she's not a murderer. However, Cameron admits she could have been a better mother.

"When I left that room, that was my fault.  I admit I should have never left that room," she said calmly.

Cameron claims her son, 15-month old Markis Dahms drowned in the bathtub while she was grabbing his change of clothes in another room.  But, that's not the story she told investigators.

"I felt like the officers, at the time, were pushing me to what they wanted to hear," Cameron said.

Cameron said she was under a lot of stress.

"I was in a domestic violence relationship and I had been sexually assaulted in March which I did not report," Cameron explained.

She sounded distressed when she called 911.  Her defense team played the call for the courtroom.  In it, she's nearly inaudible.  The dispatcher tells her over and over that she can't understand the address she's giving.  Cameron repeatedly says her son can't breathe.

"I was in shock.  That was the first time I'd heard it, and it just hurt me so bad," Cameron explained.

On the witness stand, prosecutors asked her to read her own written statement, she gave to police, but she almost seemed to go off script.

"I took him into the tub, and he started puking.  I put him under the tub faucet, or spigot, to try to remove the puke, at least 5-6 times.  As far as I know, it was 3-4," she corrected.

Whether or not it was an admission of guilt will be up to the judge to decide.  Cameron reiterated over and over in our phone interview, that she does not deserve to spend the rest of her life behind bars.

When asked what kind of punishment she did deserve, Cameron said, "I feel child endangerment would be the best one.  I did not hold him under that faucet.  As God as my witness, I did not."

Cameron said she hasn't seen her daughter since she was arrested, but still keeps in contact with her.

The judge has taken this case under advisement.

He has a lot of latitude.  Besides 1st degree murder and child endangerment there are several other verdicts between those the judge could find Cameron guilty of.

He plans to render a verdict in the next 60-days.





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