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Congress considers collecting sales taxes on internet sales


One of the savings you get shopping online could be disappearing if Congress changes the rules about who is required to charge sales tax.

Right now many online retailers don't have to, but other businesses say that's unfair.

Katie Nannes is one of thousands of retail store managers around the country hoping Congress will pass a bill requiring online retailers making over one million dollars a year to charge sales tax.

"Really anything that can help level the playing field for us we are really happy about," she says.

The National Retail Federation wrote Senators arguing the current rules are "creating a crisis for brick-and-mortar retailers" that are losing customers.

Online giant Amazon supports the internet sales tax.

So do cash-strapped states that would see billions in new tax revenue, but smaller internet retailers don't want to lose their advantage.

Sarah Davis of worries about the complexities of determining the correct sales tax for multiple states.

"This could be a real burden for us to be able to figure it out again financially," she argues.

After the Senate the internet sales tax bill also must pass the house.

It has more opposition there.

Some Republicans are hesitant to support what they consider a "new tax".

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