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"Team Jack" was in Norfolk as part of a special store fundraiser at Norfolk's Hy-Vee East


Awesome and fun are two words 7-year-old Jack Hoffman of Atkinson, Nebraska uses to describe his recent Husker touchdown run and the trip to meet the President that followed.

"Team Jack" was in Norfolk Thursday as part of a special store fundraiser at Norfolk's Hy-Vee East.

It was just a few weeks ago that young Jack Hoffman, suited up in his #22 Rex Burkhead Husker jersey, ran a 69-yard touchdown run during Nebraska's Spring game.

The run was the idea of his buddy Rex and other Husker football players to help raise awareness for Jack's effort to fight pediatric brain cancer.

Jack told me there were two concerns on his mind when he was making his big run, scoring a touchdown or tripping on his shoelace.

We all know the result.

After the video went viral and reached the computer screen of President Obama, the Hoffman's soon found themselves inside the Oval Office to meet the President.

" He gave me a football. He signed it and he gave me White House M&M's and a picture of his dog named Bo," Jack Hoffman, "Team Jack", Atkinson, NE said.

Jack father Andy says the real blessing of the month of April, with all of these events taking place, was that it got the nation talking about pediatric brain cancer. Hoffman says they'll keep driving towards more funding for research.

More than 9 kids per day are dying because of the disease.

"And it's time this country gets serious about talking about it, funding these diseases and stop making excuses. We need to get serious about it as a society. 9 kids a day is unacceptable," Andy Hoffman, Jack's father, Atkinson, NE said.

Jack just finished a chemo treatment before coming to Norfolk Thursday.

He will now have a break for a couple weeks before more treatments in late May.

Andy says the tumor is responding to the treatment however doctors are telling them to keep their marathon shoes handy and keep in mind that this isn't a sprint.

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