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Stunning accusations in OJ hearing

O.J. Simpson's former attorney took the witness stand to defend himself Friday in Las Vegas.

In often contentious sparring between lawyers, Yale Galanter denied Simpson's claims he failed to properly represent him during the 2008 case in which he was convicted of robbery and kidnapping.

"I gave every ounce of blood sweat and soul into this defense team," Galanter said.

Simpson claims Galanter had conflicts of interest and gave him bad legal advice the night before Simpson and his associates stormed a Las Vegas hotel room to retrieve allegedly stolen sports memorabilia.

Galanter testified that he told Simpson to call the police instead of going in himself.

The attorney also said Simpson knew some of the men with him that night in 2007 had guns, something Simpson has repeatedly denied under oath.

The judge hearing the case must decide if what some are calling a "hail-Mary legal move" will be enough to earn Simpson a new trail.

Simpson has served nearly five years in prison.

His conviction mandates a sentence of nine to 33 years behind bars.

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