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A large construction project is underway on the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska's Norfolk campus


One building is being torn down to make way for a new facility that will not only serve the Ponca Tribe, but also the community of Norfolk.

In no time at all a building that was once a dormitory for the Nebraska Christian College was reduced to a pile of rubble.

The Ponca Tribe of Nebraska bought the campus a number of years ago when the Christian College made the move to the Omaha area.

In the spot where the dorms once stood, tribal leaders are planning to build a $3.5 million, 15,000 square foot multi-purpose facility.

Half of it will house the tribe's vehicle fleet and maintenance while the other half will house a training and video conferencing room and tribal offices.

When it's complete it will not only be available for tribal use, but also for other organizations.

Chuck Hooley, Facilities Dir, Ponca Tribe of Nebraska said, "We have also been in discussions with various groups like the American Red Cross, OSHA and FEMA and others to utilize the facility for coming on to our campus and using it for training purposes."

Hooley says since this project is the first of it's kind for the Ponca Tribe, there was a bit of hesitation at first, but has since been met with enthusiasm.

"There is a great deal of excitement. Everyone is looking forward to actually putting the shovel in the ground and starting construction," Hooley said. 

Tribal officials say the expected completion date is January of 2014.

When it comes to the tribe's vehicle fleet, known as the Ponca Express, there are 12 vehicles.

Some of them are used to transport any area citizen to appointments or errands in Norfolk or anywhere in the area.

Dani Wright, Transportation Manager, Ponca Tribe of Nebraska said, "Any reason you would need, whether it's health, shopping, bill paying, running errands, going to visit somebody."

The fees per trip are very minimal, $2 for in town or $5 for out of town, they'll even go as far as Sioux City or Omaha.

"They are welcoming us with open arms, they are glad that we are wanting to work with them," Wright said.

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