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Haddock marker placement still up in the air


More talk about a new memorial to the Reverend George Haddock.

Haddock was an advocate of prohibition and opposed gambling.

He was shot and killed in 1886.

There's a marker, near 4th and Water Street, which marks the spot where Haddock died.

But the marker will have to be moved when the Hard Rock Casino-Hotel is built on the same spot.

Monday night, city council members were presented with two proposals but had more questions than answers.

Cost and location are the concerns.

So is the price, and who will pay for a new memorial.

One thing's for sure-many say Haddock needs to be remembered.

"It's how best to remember our history of Sioux City and the people of Sioux City, and I do agree, we need to remember our past and embrace it in all its aspects," said Roger Madden, First United Methodist Church Pastor.

One proposal is a plaque on the casino's outside wall, close to the intersection where Haddock died.

Another is from Cornerstone World Outreach.

It would be six feet tall with Haddock's face carved into it.

It would also be inscribed with the words Haddock's family used to describe him.

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