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County looking into cost of installing more cameras in jail


Woodbury County leaders are moving ahead with a plan to put additional security cameras in the law enforcement center.

There are currently 54 cameras.  Sheriff Dave Drew wants 76 more installed throughout the building.

A majority would go in the county jail, in places like the temporary holding cells, hallways, and blind spots.

Supervisor George Boykin cautioned the plan might reach too far.

"I just don't want us to over do it.  76 cameras to me seems a bit extreme, particularly in a jail our size," said Supervisor George Boykin.

Other leaders hope the additional cameras will protect the county from future lawsuits.  Just this year, they settled three lawsuits over strip searches inside the jail.

"If you don't have a camera on it, something's going to go wrong," said Supervisor Mark Monson.

"With cameras, you can prove the fact that this did happen, this is why it happened," added Supervisor David Tripp.

 There's no cost estimate for the cameras yet.  Tuesday, leaders gave the go ahead to bid out the project.

Supervisors say it has to fit in the sheriff's $1.2 million jail upgrade budget.


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