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Nebraska finds additional benefits of irrigation


The drought in 2012 impacted economies as well as yields in states across the Midwest, but a study done in Nebraska during the time of the drought is providing insight on that subject.

The Nebraska Farm Bureau conducted a study on the impact of irrigation on the economy with the help of Decision Innovation Solutions, a research firm in Des Moines.

The results showed that irrigated crops brought in 11 billion dollars in output that the Cornhusker state would not have received if only dryland farming was used.

Without irrigation, the economy would also be short 31 thousand jobs.

"This study really points out how valuable irrigation water is and why it's important that we do the best that we can because it's a huge factor in the state's economy," says Steve Nelson, President of the Nebraska Farm Bureau.

Nebraska is now the largest irrigated state in the country.

They recently beat out California for the title.

For more information on the study click here.

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