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All three Hy-Vee Sioux City grocery stores have been given the blue zone designation


The skies weren't the only thing blue. 

Blue balloons at the entrance to the Southern Hills Hy-Vee mark another milestone in Sioux City's efforts to become a Blue Zone.

All three Hy-Vee grocery stores have been given the blue zone designation.

They've designated a healthy foods check-out lane with fruits and healthy snacks.

There's also a scavenger hunt to teach kids healthy eating habits.

Employees say many of the program's initiatives are already in practice.

Now, the store's placing a greater emphasis on those efforts.

"Some of those things are as simple as making sure there's water available in every check-out lane cooler. So, someone has that option if they go to that check-out lane counter. The don't have to run to another one. The healthy choice is the easy choice," said Hy-Vee Dietitian Korie Lown.

Each store has parking spots at end of their lots labeled Blue Zone parking, to encourage more shoppers to take a longer walk to the store and get some exercise.

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