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Sioux City companies look to fill 100's of jobs


J&L Enterprises says there are hundreds of openings from entry-level to executive. 

We've heard so much the last few years about people desperate for work.

Now, there's a new angles: Sioux City companies that are desperate for workers.

"I'm looking for anything right now.  I'm not too particular," said Lori Vasquez

She and her husband Toby are both out of a job.

"I want to get back into construction.  That's my passion, that's what I love to do," Toby said.

However, right now, he'll take what he can get.

"Anything to put food on the table," Toby said.

Toby and Lori are among the dozens who have lined up at J&L Enterprises temp agency, wanting work.  Lucky for them, dozens of Siouxland companies are looking to hire.

"There are jobs here.  There are good jobs available in Sioux City," explained Kelly Conolly, J&L Enterprises Vice President.

In fact, the agency's president says they have 400 openings to fill.

"Fabricators, C& C machinists, we're looking for bartenders.  I mean, you name it," said John Wockenfuss.

The biggest need is for welders.  There are dozens and dozens of openings.  No one knows that better then right here at Soo Tractor.

"Right now, we're really in a shortage for help," explained Michael Felts, Soo Tractor Sweeprake's Director of Operations.

Soo Tractor has 166 workers.  A year ago, they had 88.  As they get set to double their production in the next month, they need to hire 20 more people.

"It's all coming on real hard and fast for us," added Felts.

Many of the 400 openings in the tri-state area are in the trades, but there are also white collar positions, from engineers to executives.  Soo Tractor had to expand their HR department, to handle the new hires.  It's a strong indication that the economy is bouncing back, say experts. 

"Boy, when it turned around it turned around fast," said Felts.

Lori and Toby won't have to worry about being out of work much longer.

"I asked them if they had anything at this time, and they do.  So, fortunately, I'm going out to work in the morning," Lori said.

These are openings in the 4th quarter, which is traditionally seasonal.

However, a couple of years ago, J&L only had 50-100 seasonal openings to fill, compared to 400 today.

J&L says the average openings pay $10.36 an hour.

Many are temp to hire, which means if it's a good fit, the worker will be offered a permanent position after 100 days.



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