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The first day of the Lambrecht Chevy auction in Pierce, Nebraska


The first day of the Lambrecht Chevy auction in Pierce, Nebraska.

Thousands of people converged on the small town of 1,700 and it was a unique event to check out.

KTIV's Sarah Te Slaa has been following the story from the very beginning.

If you love classic cars, this was the place to be Saturday.

Thousands of people packed this field in northeast, Nebraska some hoping for a shot at one of the cars others just coming to see the urban legend for themselves.

Sold to the highest bidder.

That's the sound so many have been waiting to hear as pieces of the Lambrecht Chevy collection are auctioned off.

For Chance Lambrecht, a distant relative of the family, but grew up in the area.

"Seeing this as a kid I never thought I would see such an outcome of this," Chance Lambrecht, distant relative of Lambrecht family said.

He says the cars, the people, the event is a site to see.

"That's underselling it. this is ridiculous," "it's kind of crazy. I'm at a loss of words actually for it," Chance Lambrecht said.

Many came hoping for a shot at one of the classic cars, but most everyone else came to gawk.

After all, a collection like this is unheard of. So many cars, with very few miles, is the ultimate barn find in one field.

"I love it. it's just a once in a lifetime chance to see all these cars in one place," Linda Vandekieft said.

"I think it's an awesome deal. it's just an amazing thing. that you'll probably never see again," Robbie Christiansen said.

This father son team drove from Georgia, 1,200 miles, to see history unfold.

"There's just not anything like it anymore. you just don't see it. so it's a once in a life time chance and I figured I'd come and watch it," Christiansen said. 

And just as so many have traveled long distances to see the Lambrecht Chevy auction for themselves these pieces of automotive history will go to new homes.

Sarah will be in Pierce on Sunday for the Day 2 of the Lambrecht Auction.

Watch her reports on KTIV News 4 at 5 and 10 and online.

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