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Lambrecht Auto Auction Day 2


Even though many of the very rare cars were sold Saturday, there's plenty more Sunday.

What's on tap for Sunday in Pierce, Nebraska, nearly 350 more.

A Biscayne is the first car on the auction block at 9:30 Sunday morning.

Many are in rough shape and buyers will use them for spare parts or sold for scrap.

But all the vehicles have a buyer, even the very last thing to be sold, the only tractor in the bunch.

"Well, I was kind of surprised to see it, I didn't know they had any farm machinery at this sale. I'm kind of a farm tractor enthusiast, I guess, just kind of surprised."

There are some cars that should spur some bidding wars, like a few Studebakers, a '72 Malibu, and some more Impalas.

Click here to see what's for sale.

KTIV's Sarah Te Slaa and Rebecca Varilek are covering Day 2 of the Lambrecht Auto Auction. Watch their reports on News 4 at 5 and 10.

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