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New owners load up cars from Lambrecht auction


During the history making event, thousands of bids were placed.  While they don't have a total yet on how much money the auction brought in, they estimate it's between $2.7 and $3 million.

There were about 5,000 registered bidders for the auction.

The cars are going all over the world to countries like Japan, Brazil, South America, and Australia.

But, many of the cars are staying near Nebraska.

Even though many are leaving Pierce, they'll be close to home.

            The Lambrecht family said they hope all their cars will go to good families that will love them as much as they have.  One man, who bought a truck at the auction, has plans for it that is sure to please the Lambrechts.

He came, he saw, he bid, and he bought but Mike Kossack never intended to take home a '64 C-10 Chevy pickup truck.

"No, it was a spur of the moment purchase," said Kossack.

But, when he saw it, he just had to have it. 

"I've got 30-some shiny old new cars, but I've never had one that I've been the original owner on," explained Kossack.  "I was born in '70 and this was made in '64 so it's kind of neat being the original owner on something."

The odometer reads just 26.3 miles on it.  It's in good shape.

"This one has the best body.  It still had the wood floors in tact.  The interior is immaculate even though it's been sitting outside for 50 years," he added.

Even the original paperwork survived to show the sticker price of $1800.  Mike paid $20,000 and plans to put a few thousand into it, but he doesn't want to change too much.

"I don't think I want to do much more than make it drivable and safe again, but I want to clean it up the best I can and try to preserve it's natural state," he said.

The car won't be collecting dust anymore. 

"There's no sense in owning a car like this and not at least driving it a little bit," he added.

He plans to add a few more miles to it, once he gets new tires.

For those who don't have a car to take home, at least they took home memories of this historical event and the unique story of the Lambrecht Chevy collection. 

All the cars have to be moved out of the field within 10 days, otherwise they will be scraped.


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