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Yankton residents hope for healing in Haas case


On the quest for truth in the death of Tammy Haas, one Yankton, South Dakota man has been keeping records on this case for the last 18 years.

Gary Idt, a former accountant, said he felt "called" to help the Haas family keep track of not only what was printed and broadcast about Tammy's case, but also court proceedings.

Idt and other community members formed a group called PULSE or Public Understanding, Let Silence End.

Their goal is to keep Tammy's memory alive in the hopes that one day someone will come forward.

"I know Nancy would love, absolutely love to offer personal forgiveness to those who were responsible or played a part in it.  But, until they want it, until they seek it, you can't really just kind of give it," he said.

Idt calls the stacks of information he keeps in several binders his search for the truth.  He believes the truth will help the entire community begin to heal.

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