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Bus of school supplies heads to Haiti

HULL, Iowa (KTIV) -

Western Christian High School in Hull, Iowa had something that Janeen De Jager wanted. A big yellow school bus that she could donate to the Minotrie village in Haiti.

Western Christian was more than thrilled to give her the bus for only a dollar, but on one condition. They wanted to be involved.

"That to me is better than getting the bus for a dollar because I've been wanting our community to get involved with my village in Haiti for a long time. So to me that's very exciting," said Janeen De Jager, a member of Prosperity of God Ministries.

De Jager and Western Christian got together and came up with a plan. They decided to fill the bus full of school supplies.

De Jager says the last time she visited Haiti, she purchased $250 worth of notebooks during her stay and gave them to the local school children. If she purchased these in the U.S., she says she would get more bang for her buck.

In just two days, Western Christian raised over 1,100 in school supplies. Everything from notebooks, pens and pencils to soccer balls, footballs and basketballs. Principal Dan Barkel says its a unique opportunity to help others.

"It's been a great experience for our kids to see how we can put our faith into action and serve others abroad," said Barkel.

Students also graffitied their favorite Bible versus all over the inside and outside of the bus. De Jager says it's important for the Haitian school of 300 students to be surrounded by God's words.

The school bus will first stop in Nashville, Tennessee, where it will switch drivers. Then the bus will head to Florida where it will hop on a boat to be shipped off to Haiti.

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