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UPDATE: Police release identities of murder victims in Friday's shooting


Sunday, Sioux City police said 35-year-old Yolanda Valdez, of Orange City, IA and 33-year-old Michael Delgado of Sioux City were shot and killed inside a home at 507 West 27th Street.  They said the incident happened early Friday morning.

A third victim, 33-year-old Luis Sanchez of Sioux City, who police said was stabbed, is expected to survive.

This is Sioux City's second murder case of the year.  Both have come in the last two weeks.

Police are still uncovering new details in this latest crime, but they did arrest a man they say fired the fatal shots and even stabbed a man before fleeing the home.

Juan Antonio Nino-Estrada, the 26 year old suspect in the early morning shooting, is in police custody with a bond of $2 million on two charges of first degree murder and a charge of attempted murder.  Police said Estrada committed the crimes against people he knew.

"They're all acquaintances of each other. They choose the lifestyle that they want to live, and sometimes you suffer those consequences for the people that you run around with. They're isolated incidents, I don't feel the community is at any risk whatsoever," Doug Young, Police Chief said.

Police believe Estrada carried a .9 mm pistol into the residence where he got into a fight with one of the victims, Luis Sanchez.

Officials say the physical altercation escalated to gunfire, leading to the deaths of two of the three victims.

"A female victim was dead at the scene. The two other male victims were transported by ambulance to Mercy Medical Center where one was pronounced dead, and the third went to surgery and is expected to survive."

Police say Estrada was apprehended within a few hours of the shooting.

"Witnesses to this incident identified a suspect who fled the scene who later was apprehended at his girlfriend's house here in Sioux City. The suspect also sustained a gunshot wound to the leg and was transported to Mercy Medical Center."

Police do suspect drug involvement but have not made comment on whether drugs were found in the home.

Two children live in the home and were there at the time of the shooting.  However, police say the two children were asleep, in a different room, and were not hurt.

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