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Bacon donut selling like hotcakes at Sunkist Bakery

Sunkist Bakery manager Jeanne Smith pulls a bacon donut from the tray for a customer Sunkist Bakery manager Jeanne Smith pulls a bacon donut from the tray for a customer

When it comes to good eats, bacon is in. People are putting the porky product on everything these days. There are bacon sundaes, bacon shakes, chocolate covered bacon and at one Sioux City bakery, there are bacon donuts.

Sunkist Bakery has been a Sioux City fixture for more than 80 years, the last 35 in its familiar location on Morningside Avenue.

"We've been coming up here now for 20, 25 years," said Sunkist regular Joe Chop. "I don't think you'll find a better donut in Sioux City," said another frequent customer.

Sunkist Bakery is many things: a place to grab a treat. A place to converse.

"All world problems and national problems are discussed here," said Chop with a smile.

Owner Bob Kolar agrees with KTIV reporter Al Joens when he observed that it seems it is never quiet in the bakery. "Oh, it's never, the girls will even go, 'oh the boys are loud today.'"

It's also a place where crews make crusts by the hundreds for several of Sioux City's most popular pizza joints. And for about a year and a half now, Sunkist Bakery has been the go-to place for the bacon donut.

"Somebody came in one day and just said, 'hey, do you guys make a bacon fried roll?'" explained Kolar, as to the pastry's origin.

They didn't have one then, but they do now. Store manager Jeanne Smith says many people are surprised when they learn of the donut's existence. Kolar says many don't want to try it, preferring to stick to the more traditional fare.

The bacon donut: fried roll, maple frosting, bits of bacon on top. The real stuff, too. Not those crunchy imitation things.

Smith is a fan. She says they are very good and taste like pancakes, bacon and syrup. She said once people try it, they like it.

It's not the top-seller at Sunkist, but it is a pretty big seller.

"Well, usually, they're surprised that is bacon that's on there and once they try it they really like it. They're very good," said Smith.

Kolar added, "If you like pancakes, you like syrup and you like bacon, try it. It'll fill you up and it's very tasty. I think it's a very, very good roll, really."

The bacon donut costs the same as the other ones: 70 cents. Sunkist Bakery sells the bacon donuts on Saturdays and a couple of weekdays that vary from week to week. The bakery is open Tuesday through Saturday.

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