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Dominoes come crashing down at a school in Sioux Center, Iowa Friday


SIOUX CENTER, Iowa (KTIV) - A group of five seventh grade boys out of Sioux Center watched their hard work come tumbling down Friday but that's okay, because it was planned that way.

Most middle schoolers spend their holiday vacation relaxing on the couch. But five boys from Sioux Center, Iowa.

"I think we all did pretty much the same. We've all been here together, we've all been working on different things," Derek Koops, a student said.

They spent two days working hard at their hobby for a cause. The boys set up domino displays quite often but have never done anything quite to this scale.

"We've done all of these ideas before, but just not all in one thing. We came here and we just started building, and then just kept building as we went," Alex Koops, a student said.

Along with the help of mom and dad, they acquired about 9,000 dominoes, and decided to use them to make a difference. The free will donation at the destruction of the dominoes will all go to fund the Sioux Center Christian School's building project.

"It like helps our school out, and we're using the school as the place to set our domino display up," Jordan Moget, a student said.

The display includes walls of dominoes, fields of dominoes, bridges and towers and trails of dominoes and a cobra weave display of popsicle sticks for the grand finale. The best part? There was never a master plan. They designed it as they went.

"Sometimes we think of the ideas and we tell someone to build it, or we build it ourselves. Like it's new years, so we think of building the new year thing. That's technically where we get our ideas," Brennan Moss, a student said.

It's taken 10 total hours to build this whole masterpiece, and they've spent a lot of quality time together. But even after knocking down some dominoes accidentally, they try not to be too hard on each other.

"We like fake get mad at each other, and we just huck dominoes at them, and then it's over," Carter Kooi, a student said.

They watched it all come crashing down. Organized chaos to lend a helping hand to their school.

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